How to Open an Auto Repair Shop or Auto Parts Store

If the economy is down, business is up for companies that help people repair and expand the life of high value items like cars and other fun toys. If you have though about opening an auto repair shop or auto parts store, now is a great time to start your small business. You will need a good location, clever marketing, and to stock up on wholesale auto parts.

As long as people have someplace to go, they need their cars to function and run smoothly. when repairing and selling parts for the repair of automobiles, you are providing a valuable and lucrative service.

Which Wholesale Auto Parts to Buy

You will need a full selection of automotive tools for your repairs such as smaller automotive repair tool kits for your customers. Alot of auto parts stores have available tire repair kits and accessories, road side emergency kits, gas cans and funnels, car mats, steering wheel covers, window shades, and a full line of car care cleaning products, such as turtle wax.

Stock the displays at the end of aisles and the counter with impulse buy car accessories such as CD cases, air fresheners, car flags, and key chains. Don’t forget to stock items for motorcycle repair and maintenance, too. Motorcyclists take frequent pit stops and take excellent care of their rides.

Additional Specialty Items

If there is a need for specialty items in your area, you need to offer these in your store. Many young people spend time, energy and money upgrading their car sound systems with the latest car audio components.

And drivers with children are always looking for ways to keep their kids comfortable and safe in the car. Stock a range of child passenger safety products such as window shades, mirrors, and seat alarms.

New technology is opening up a range of products, from GPS navigators to cellular phone accessories for the car. Many states have laws requiring the use of hands-free cell phone technology in the car so ear buds, car chargers, and cell phone holders for the car are very popular consumer items.

Keep in mind seasonal needs, as well. Shovels, snow brushes, and ice scrapers sell fast as soon as the first storm hits so buy in bulk to have plenty in stock. If you have stock space, pick up closeout items during the off season and you will be prepared when bad weather sends motorists searching for the last snow scraper in town.

Where to Open an Auto Repair Shop or Auto Parts Store

If you intend to primarily sell auto parts at your store and provide only a few basic services, such as replacing brakes and changing oil, you can open your shop in almost any commercial space.

Full auto repair services require property zoned for heavy commercial use. Check with your local town planning board before you begin your search.

Many auto parts and repair shops are located at busy intersections. Visible locations do some of your marketing for you, saving you money.

Buy Auto Parts and Car Accessories Wholesale

To save money when stocking your automotive repair part store, buy wholesale auto parts. You need to find less expensive quality products available and wholesale gives you a good profit margin on automotive parts. Once your store has been open for a few months, you will have a good idea of which auto parts sell most quickly, so buy those in bulk and on closeout whenever possible.

This article was written by Marc Joseph, who enjoys giving advice on discount and wholesale auto parts . Marc has been able to bulk up his savings throughout the years.

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Inevitably, if you own a vehicle you will eventually need parts for it. It doesn’t matter if your car is 30 years old or 5 years old, sometimes you have to get additional replacement parts even if it is something as simple as a light bulb. Whatever the case may be, there are numerous places you can look into to find the parts but you want to try to find them at the best price as well.

Many people feel compelled to pay the price for brand new parts if they have a newer vehicle and if they shop at their dealer or at a local auto parts store they will probably pay the highest price possible. The thing to remember however is that there are probably tons of cars just like yours with the same parts that will work perfectly on your car lying around in wrecking yards or even on the internet. The best thing about this is that these parts can be found at a fraction of the cost of a new part and in most cases will work just as good and last just as long.

For vehicles that are only ten years old or so you will be able to find all kinds of parts for them at a local auto wrecker. They usually have a plethora of parts like windshields, mirrors, radiators, wheels, and even motors! You can save a ton of money this way. I remember having to buy a shift assembly for a Dodge Neon for my son, the dealer wanted nearly $ 200, I got it at a local salvage yard for $ 20 and they removed it for me! Some of the better ones will even have the parts they have available listed on a computer so all you have to do is ask if they have the part or not.

If you have an older vehicle it is sometimes difficult to find the part at a reasonable price due to supply and demand and the fact that they just don’t keep that many parts around for vintage vehicles. If this is your situation the best place may be the internet. There are numerous online parts stores that will have access to parts like these and if all else fails you can also try eBay. I have had great success finding parts for rare vehicles there.

If you own a vehicle that was made in the early sixties or before you will probably have a tough time finding parts that are inexpensive. In most cases the parts will be rare and difficult to find and the rarer they are the more they are going to cost. It may be best to check all of the salvage yards in your area first, and then check out used car locaters online who may be able to help you find what you are looking for. Many of these sources have networks of parts houses that may have what you need.

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3 Reasons to Shop for Auto Parts Online

There are many people that have the knowhow to repair their own vehicles. This is sort of a common skill that is saving the jack of all trades mechanics lots of money versus taking their cars to expensive dealerships or auto parts shops like Checkers Auto Parts. If you do not know a few things about fixing cars that will save you time and money then it may have been a better move to take your car to a local auto parts store. Here are a few points to consider that will make a mechanics life easier and save money.

The best place to look for auto parts is not always the junkyard. Sure, the junkyard has plenty of car parts but it can be an inconvenience finding the part that you are looking for. You may have to travel to several junkyards searching for that one part. People tend to think that it is cheaper to scavenge a junkyard but it may not be efficient time wise. The most efficient way to look for auto parts is on the internet. Why?

Online searching for parts is easy. Like stated previously you do not have to drive from an auto parts store to a junkyard to another auto parts store hunting for parts. All you do is go online and easily start searching online websites through their auto parts catalogs. Your time is valuable and the internet is advanced enough to save you lots of time. When you find the car part you need, you can have the part shipped to your shop or home. This is saving you a trip to the local parts store.

Online shopping gives you the opportunity to find the best deals. Normally driving from store to store you would not have the opportunity to find the best deals. You are interested in finding the part and leaving the store not realizing that same part is at another store at a cheaper price. Online auto parts websites also have sales and coupons that are ongoing. They also offer free shipping on certain purchases.

If you are searching for a particularly hard to find car part, online auto parts dealers make this process very simple for you. They have huge databases of car parts which gives you more opportunities to find the part you are looking for.

Online auto parts websites are a safe way to pay for your car items too. Be sure to look for an 800 number on the website of the store just in case you have problems. Most online parts stores have a return policy. The standard is normally a 30 day return policy. Ask about a warranty on the part if available.

You will not regret your online experience shopping for car parts. You will immediately see the value in it and the time and money saved.

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